2017, 35mm / 12 minutes

Video: Lidija Jessel

Sound: Ventilating System from outside/bottom

Kamera: Katleen Glameyer

On the top of a roof near the harbour in Hamburg, over a ventilating system

i felt the urge to make a butoh performance to the sound from the ventilator

under me.


2016, 35mm / 1 hour & 23 minutes

Video: Lidija Jessel

Performance: Yi Jou Chang & Lidija Jessel

The artists Yi Jou Chang and Lidija Jessel in movements and in a game with a

thin black string. No Sound is given. Only the Noises made of Movements and the

String plays its role in this game of pulling and draging it over and between each other without making a break. The movie is colour inverted.

`Chairs Performance´

2015, 35mm / 27 minutes

Video: Lidija Jessel

Performance: Lidija Jessel & Yi Jou Chang

A composition in lines made of chairs.

A sound composition produced by the movement of the entity.

A visible organized structure moved into a chaos-structure and

a visual composition which is left to be.

Free improvised sound- and movementdecisions

The decision why letting the chair fall, move slowly, to rest with the

now-created sound, move over, under a chair, fast or calm and the


The answer to a sound, to a movement of the chair.

The end.

What stays is a new composition of the moved chairs.

The composition of the sound is finished but the chairs are visually left,

with no more sound included. Could that what stays, exactly the chairs,

show a soundcomposition, which is already finished?


`Igra Satom´

2015, 35mm / 17 minutes

Video: Lidija Jessel

Performance: Lidija Jessel

A butoh performance with sound played from an old clockwork with a

piezo microphone inside.

The Title means `game with the clockwork´

On the other hand it is a game with time, with the sound of a

working old clockwork which is modulated with 3 effects, a multi delay,  phase

shifter and distortion pedal. Just in the middle of the performance the sound of the

clockwork is shortly

raising to the surface. From the beginning to the end a calm noise-butoh

performance takes it´s time.



2014, 35mm / 17 minutes

A Shortmovie by Lidija Jessel / LIJEL


`Paukov ples´

2016, 35mm / 18 minutes

`A spider´s dance´ is a Butoh performance to a live Noiseset from David Wallraf.


Noiseperformance with Sewing Machine

2014, 36 minutes

Noiseperformance / Concert with sewing machine, turntables and a radio.